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Recently Featured Success Stories…

Case Study #1



A determined 47-year old systems engineer was eager to get healthier and lose weight so she could build her self-confidence and feel more comfortable in social settings. T.L. had been hiding out and was stuck in a vicious cycle of anxiety, food cravings, & emotional eating that left her feeling out of control & constantly disappointing herself. In less than four weeks she identified and resolved what was triggering her emotional eating and went down one dress size. In under 2 months she decreased her knee pain, went from being able to do 3 squats to doing 70, uncovered what was causing her irritable bowel symptoms, and greatly improved her relationship with her spouse. Half way through the program she had lost 12 pounds and had even inspired her mom to start taking better care of herself too (who also lost 7 lbs). By the end of the program T.L. had lost 30 lbs, decreased her waist by 5 inches, was wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller, went down one shoe size, improved her lab work, and resolved all of the following: her knee pain, cravings, emotional eating, insomnia, mood swings, and anxiety. She also significantly improved her relationships with her mom and spouse, became more socially comfortable and active, and even became a weight loss coach at her work! Bravo!




“This is the first time I ever made me a priority. [Karin] made it so much easier to make this transition. I feel like it’s over, there’s no reason to hide. I feel proud of myself, I don’t feel out of control anymore, and I have control over things. I’m more confident in my own skin and I learn something new every time we meet….a huge weight was lifted.”




Systems Engineer

Case Study #2


Renee Emanuele

A 39-year-old salon owner and mother of two had battled with digestive issues, cravings, her relationship with the scale, and migraines for far too long. When she signed up for the 90-day Signature Transformation program she took the batteries out of the scale and trusted the process. To her delight, she started to see results within just a few weeks. Though she had concerns about not feeling fulfilled during the program, she absolutely was. In fact she easily adopted new strategies and we witnessed her amazing transformation into a healthier, more confident, and happier life in just 3 months. Renee didn’t just learn how to lose weight; she learned how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that was enjoyable for her and her family.


“I have done weight watchers, counting endless calories, and nothing has ever worked. No one has taught me what I really wanted and needed . . . How to eat and eat right! I am an Italian and until Karin I never realized how my life was surrounded by food emotionally and physically. My life changed when I started meeting with Karin. I became healthy. No more bloating, no more shakes from low blood sugar, and most of all migraine free (I would suffer from migraines 2x a week) . . . I’m down 4 jean sizes and mentally and physically fulfilled. I was finally listened too and taught how not to live life around food! This wasn’t a weight-loss program. This was a life-changing program!Thank you Karin.”

Renee Emanuele

Salon Owner

Case Study #3


Kevin Gentz

A 41 yr old Type 2 diabetic software engineer, was on 5 medications to treat his diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. He had trouble concentrating, was frequently sick, had chronic thirst, and had to use the restroom every 45-minutes. Kevin was miserable, but not for long. In just a few weeks he got his blood sugar from the high 400’s down to a normal range and started to enjoy life again. Now he’s sleeping through the night, focused at work, and is almost never ill. In addition, he has lost almost 20lbs, trimmed body fat, tightened up his belt, and is ready to hit the pool with confidence. Plus his doctor took him off of 4 of the 5 medications in just a few months!  Kevin’s doctor said if he kept up the good work she’d take him off his last med at his next doctor visit— saving him $400+ a month!!


“I signed up for Karin’s 90-day Transformation because I felt like crapand I wanted my life back. My Type 2 diabetes was out of control, my cholesterol was high and so was my blood pressure. I was afraid I was going to die or lose a limb. With Karin’s help I lost 15lbs and my doctor took me off 4 of my 5 medications. My cholesterol and blood pressure are now normal and my blood sugar has come down dramatically. Karin saved my life & saved me money.” 

Kevin Gentz

Type 2 Diabetic Software Engineer

Case Study #4


Jessica Calmes

A very motivated 36 yr old marketing director, was looking to lose weight fast for an upcoming photo shoot. Though she was already in great shape, she wanted to get rid of belly fat and settle her intense afternoon cravings. Within just a few weeks, Jessica was able to increase her energy, lose weight, shrink her belly, and abolish her insatiable sweet cravings!


“WOW! This program really is life changing. I’m so much healthier than when I started working with Karin. . . . can’t believe that I don’t even notice the candy jar at work any more – my cravings are gone and so is some of the weight! Since I’m not hungry between meals any more, I don’t feel the impulse to snack. In fact, I’ve even been SAVING MONEY since I started my sessions with Karin. . . . Karin is not only helping me with my diet, her coaching has extended into my personal life. I’m learning how to reduce my stress and I’m feeling more confident than I have felt in a long time.”

Jessica Calmes

Marketing Director


More Client Experiences…


“I wasn’t even trying and I only made a few small changes. But in December I actually lost 4lbs!…Then in January I went on a 10-day cruise and lost 4 more pounds!! I’m so delighted with the results, because for me every pound lost counts as a victory! Karin really does listen. She is helping me come up with strategies that I can do.”


“Before I coached with Karin I was in a very challenging place.  I felt like life was passing me by and I wasn’t living in my full potential.  In a way, I felt hopeless, like I’d never reach my goal of being a woman who makes a difference in the world.  Everything changed when I connected with Karin.  With her expert support and guidance, Karin helped mediscover the root of why I was sabotaging my success.   She helped totally re-pattern the fear that was causing me to procrastinate and feel hopeless and as a result, I see exactly how I can move forward and create success.   I’m so grateful for her gentle yet powerful coaching.  She’s an expert at helping you discover the root of where your problems lie so that you can create lasting change!  I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready for a significant transformation in their life.”   

Marin Bach-Antonson

“Karin is very patient and really cares about her clients. She has put me on the right path to better health and living happier. She has taught me self-respect and self-awareness. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I will continue with her advice and devotion to help me lead a [prescription] drug free life.” 

Sherri Halpert

“When I first contacted Karin my daughter was 4 months old. I was the heaviest I had ever been and the weight (although I am breastfeeding) was just not coming off. Karin has taught me some tricks I have found very useful in not only losing weight but infeeling better and having more energyI fear my daughter will grow up with an overweight mom and I want her to be proud of me, as I want to be an example to her.

Karin’s Elimination Diet program gave my metabolism a Jump Start and got the ball rolling. She offers unique support through communications and customized her program to meet my needs. I feel healthier and I have the knowledge I need to obtain my goals – now it’s up to me!
Thank you Karin for the tools and the ongoing support.”
Aimee Flannery

“After my diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes I went searching for an alternative solution to the prescription my doctor put me on. I’ve never taken medications but I also did’t want to experience the negative outcomes that diabetes can bring as I’ve seen what it’s done to others in my family.

After doing Karin’s program I lost 10lbs and went down 2 pant sizes. At the end of the program I saw my doctor and got my labs checked. He was amazed at my vitals and by the numbers on my blood work— everything was NORMAL! I couldn’t have done this without Karin’s help.”


“I’ve been the beneficiary of Karin’s awesome energy and coaching persona –  I love how Karin’s tone and calm voice creates a nourishing space! She is amazing at inviting such a delicious comfortable energy!”


“I was nervous and pessimistic at first about being too broken to be fixed. Struggling with emotional issues as well as physical issues, I was able to work with Karin to get rein-tune with my body and mind. I am able to say I have made significant progress with myself, becoming more confident in myself and decisions. As well as controlling cravings, understanding what foods make me feel negative, and stabilizing blood sugar swings. . . I was able to shift my perspective on negative self thoughts and build solid a foundation to continue to achieve all my personal goals. You can’t expect significant change to occur over night, but if you give faith in Karin and yourself, over time you will experience great personal shifts. I am very thankful for Karin and the work we’ve done!” 


“I have not slept this well in years! For a long time I had a terrible time falling asleep and would also wake in the night and not be able to fall back to sleep. A week into this program and I started sleeping like a baby, and it felt so good! And my energy has been terrific.

I used to crash mid-day and would grab a soda but it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore. I feel so much more alert and on task at work and my co-workers have even commented on how I seem ‘sharper’ lately. The rest of my office is still getting by with caffeine and sugar. I told them they’ve got to do this!

Kelley R.

“After doing this program I totally see how my diet and my lifestyle were the source of my sleep & energy problems. I relied on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to get me through each day and could never break free of them. Thanks to this program I feel like I’ve been given a fresh start. I feel great and my skin looks so much better!” 


“Karin expertly and intuitively guided me through a very difficult time in my life and in one session enabled me to see the only obstacle; limiting beliefs of the past do have consequences! If you want real change to your life, Karin genuinely cares about you to realize your true self to reach greater heights of self-worth. Expressing true gratitude to you.”

Debbie Bartz

“Karin is a very warm, friendly and caring person. She is the one who got me to really think about making changes to our diet and lifestyle. Thank you Karin!”

Cheryl B.

“I was feeling stuck with how to work through one of my biggest challenges. After speaking with Karin she gave me the inspiration to take positive and strong action.  It was fantastic being held accountable for taking those steps.  For me this works, Karin gently encouraged me to follow through on my thoughts enabling me to put them into actions.  She has a positive and warm manner.

Thank you Karin for helping me”

Christene Loweth

“After several attempts with other people and nothing changed, I started working with Karin and then everything changed. I didn’t know it but I was holding on to a lot of anger. When Karin helped me realize what I was angry about I was able to set it free. I stopped taking on other people’s pain and stopped blaming myself. Halfway through my sessions, I started to find peace. And by the end of my program I felt reborn and so much more relaxed. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Karin, your coaching was truly powerful.”

Vicki Angelos

Karin worked with me in a very thorough and understanding way – she listened carefully and helped me gain clarity so I could look at my health difficulties from a variety of angles.

Her coaching enabled me to come up with a plan to tackle a specific health issue I was faced with and improve my overall attitude about how to best take care of myself. She approaches symptoms from a functional / holistic viewpoint and has extensive background knowledge about the role of nutrition, exercise, and a whole-body picture.”


“Karin’s detox program was Awesome! A few days into the program my energy increased noticeably and I was much more focused at work. The best part was that mycravings lifted and I was completely satiated the entire time! 
I’m grateful that this opportunity provided me the framework to uncover which foods have been irritating my system and jump-start my weight loss. Not to mention how refreshed and light I’m feeling now.”  

“I have learned a lot about myself the past few weeks, especially with regard to my digestion. I am much more conscious about what I put into my body.

And I am happy to report that I an almost symptom free from my digestive woes. Before I often would chose to stay home for fear that I would get sick and it was just to embarrassing, now I’m no longer living in fear because I know now what’s been causing the majority of my gut problems.”


“This was absolutely amazing!!! Karin knows her stuff and is so professional. I didn’t have time for the program but I made time and I loved it! Karin is the real deal and I highly recommend her program.”


“I recently just completed an elimination diet with the help and guidance of Karin Franz. I found the elimination diet a real eye opener for me. Through the re-introduction of foods in a controlled manner I really learnt what foods did affect me. I really feel like I connected in with my body, learning how and what I eat are important as well as my state of mind when eating. Karin was a great help in supporting me through the challenging times and gave me some wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you Karin.

I would most certainly recommend this diet to people if you feel things are just not right with you. It’s not that hard really. It’s a change of mind-set. At the same time, it can become fun as you learn to cook differently and develop new tastes for amazing food.”

F. Ni Mhairtin